What we put into our bodies is a fundamental building block of a healthy lifestyle. Lauren’s cooking demonstrations are informative, interesting, fun and provide achievable meal suggestions for a wide variety of dishes. Lauren will work with you to include meals that are of particular interest to you and your group.

Creativity and providing meals that are not only nutritious but are delicious and beautiful is what Lauren is passionate about. For more information about cooking classes, demonstrations or meal planning either for individuals or businesses please enquire below.



“Food from a Loving Home” contains 100 mouth-watering vegetarian recipes that have been tried, tested and enjoyed in her own home. From breakfast dishes to desserts, through soups, salads and small treats, the recipes are healthy, accessible and imaginative. This book is a project made by two friends, home cook Lauren Burns and designer Sarah Rudledge, who have collaborated to produce a work with local origins.

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